Movement disorders

Movement disorders

Movement disorders are neurological conditions resulting in excess or paucity of movements. Originating in the central nervous system, the wide variety of disorders come with a variety of causes. While some are inherited, others may be caused by injuries, autoimmune diseases, infections, medicines, among others. Dr. Lerman identifies and treats numerous movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, Dystonia, Spasmodic torticollis, Essential tremor, Restless leg syndrome and Spasticity.


Accurate and efficient diagnosis through a comprehensive assessment. Dr. Lerman also offers DaTSCAN referrals in appropriate cases.


Treatments vary depending on the disorder and may treat the disease, improve symptoms and/or relieve pain.

  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) through DBS programs at Baptist Health and University of Miami Hospital
  • Medication, both conventional and alternative approaches
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Specialized therapy at center for Parkinson’s disease at Baptist Hospital